As Ohio and the world opens after this CoVid-19 pandemic, Club 24 Cleveland Heights wants you to know that we are still providing a safe space to hold meetings. We encourage everyone to practice social distancing. This includes utilizing Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and any other technology helping you to stay safe.

Club 24 is open, and has been open, for every meeting time before 8 pm, 7 days a week, since before this all started. We have been vetted and vigilant. The manager and many others have dedicated time and resources to assuring we are meeting every standard possible to continue our mission. It is our responsibility to be there whenever the hand of AA reaches out.

Enjoy the room and the fellowship.

Physical meeting attendance and basket collections at Club 24 are low as we practice social distancing. The Club is still open and monthly operational costs are unchanged. Please consider a recurring or one-time donation at Club 24 itself is not an AA meeting. We are an AA Clubhouse. We do however function solely from donations and our Club Memberships. As you attend meetings remotely, please think about a 7th-tradition and donate.

Thank you for your support!