The Club 24 Board of Directors met this morning. We voted to keep the Club open during the COVID 19 situation UNLESS a government agency or the building landlord demands closure. This could happen at any moment, so stay tuned to the club’s website ( for updates. Individual groups that meet at Club 24 will be holding group conscience discussions to determine their own meeting status.

       *** This virus spreads through respiratory droplets and may also spread via contact with hard surfaces. ***      

We will not be serving coffee and ask that you refrain from bringing food for sharing. (It is ok to eat/drink your own items). It is suggested by the CDC and others to maintain distance from other individuals (3-6 feet), to avoid touching (hand holding for prayer, shaking hands for greeting). If you are sick with a fever, cough or any other symptoms of COVID 19, please stay home; online/virtual meeting options are popping up every minute. If you have attended a meeting and receive a subsequent diagnosis of COVID 19, please notify your meeting secretary, who will notify Craig.   We will provide hand sanitizer at meetings to the best of our ability; you may wish to bring your own to conserve resources.  

Central office has posted information at this location   Nationally, the General Service Office has posted this

The CDC is regularly updating at Please feel free to share this with your closed sobriety/recovery groups.